Just Want Our Defense To Be Back

That’s the number one topic heading into the holiday break, isn’t it? It’s almost on par with the “where’s the beef?” question.

Numerous hockey critics ranked the Rangers defense as one of the best heading into this season. And, with good reason past on their previous performances in seasons past.

But, was the assuming of the Rangers being one of the top defensive teams in the League just that, an assumption?

Mistakes such as over-committing on the ice, where all five players are found on one side, leaving at least one man open on the other opposite side. Leaving the man open in the slot, not getting the puck out of their own zone, and just playing all-round bad defense has made fans wonder: how the heck were they ranked as a top 10 defense in goals against?

Early in the season, the Blueshirts were, yes. But, that ranking has now plummeted and have looked anything but a top defensive corps. As of their last game versus the Anaheim Ducks, the Rangers are ranked 14th in the league with a goals against average of 2.53. Five of their past seven games, they have allowed five or more goals.

So for Christmas, we want our Defense back. If this is the last run of the Rangers defense, please let them live up to the hype.

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