Dilson Herrera will likely be given the opportunity to become the second baseman of the future.

Murphy’s departure means young Dilson Herrera will be given the chance to own second base. Herrera, who won’t turn 22 until March, has been highly touted by scouts and looks like he has the potential to make the Marlon Byrd in trade in 2013 a real victory for Sandy Alderson.

We mentioned in the last slide the numerous middle infield prospects the Mets have. Herrera has already had a cup of coffee in the majors, appearing in 31 games last year and 18 in 2014. We also mentioned Wilmer Flores could see time at second, but it is likely that only happens if Herrera really struggles.

Herrera already gives the Mets a defensive upgrade. He is much younger and a much better athlete than Murphy. Given Murphy and Yoenis Cespedes’s likely absences in the lineup next season, defense is going to more vital than ever for the pitching rich Mets.

Herrera also features a short, compact swing, which allows him to make solid contact and posses some pop in his 5’10” frame. He also has decent speed, something the Mets sorely lacked last season.

The young Columbian has all the tools to be an all star caliber player. The pressure will definitely be on with a club in win-now mode, but his high upside and cost controllable contract make him an intriguing player going into next season. One last thing to consider? Murphy only posted one season with a WAR over 2.0. The shoes Herrera has to fill might not be as big as you think. 

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