New York Mets

Daniel Murphy rejected a 1 year/$15.8 million dollar qualifying offer and is now a free agent. For the Mets, this isn’t a bad thing.

By Greg Cambareri

It’s really bittersweet isn’t it? After Daniel Murphy rejected a qualifying offer on Friday, it’s highly unlikely he will resign with the Mets. From postseason hero to World Series goat, Murphy provided the Mets with some unforgettable moments, both good and bad.

Regardless of what the future holds, he is surely going to be missed. Thanks for the memories, Murph.

Once the initial sting of the realization that he’ll be playing ball in colors other than orange and blue subsides, you realize it isn’t all that bad. Yes, Murphy can flat out hit, play three different positions on the diamond, and is a heck of a teammate. However, this gives the Mets flexibility in more ways than one.

The Mets benefit from Murphy rejecting his qualifying offer in three different ways:  

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