Left Field: Michael Conforto vs Kyle Schwarber

The rookie vs rookie battle at left field is oh so close. Schwarber went from winning this year’s MVP in the MLB Futures Game to five days later becoming an every day player for the Chicago Cubs. This guy is a true fan favorite for all the right reasons. He’s already shown to have a knack for the spotlight and is probably the hottest hitter heading into the NLCS. As Joe Maddon put it, “He lives in the moment.”

Thankfully, the Mets called up Conforto at the right time. Usually they’ve had a tendency to call up their rookies while piling on all the pressure in the world for them to give a spark to what was once considered as a lethargic lineup. In lieu, Conforto had the protection of Cespedes and David Wright back into the lineup during his call-up, which gave him the luxury to properly acclimate himself without being immediately written off.

Both players have sky rocketed their way ups to the bigs in a matter of one year since being drafted in 2014. Technically both teams are winners here, however we have to pick one since we’ve already utilized a draw.

Winner: Kyle Schwarber 

3-2-1 Cubs

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