New York Mets

The focus for the New York Mets quickly moves from the Dodgers in the NLDS to the Cubs in the NLCS. How do the two teams break down?

By Corey Aron

History will be set for Game 1 on Saturday for the NLCS as the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs will meet up for the first time ever in the playoffs. What better way to clash then to do so for the National League pennant?

The Cubs may have gone 7-0 against the Mets this season, however that all happened during the first half of the season. Let’s just say the Mets were without half of their starting lineup they are now currently featuring.

D’Arnaud was out both series’ on separate DL stints; Michael Conforto was yet to be called u,p even though the fan base urged for some type of spark; the Yoenis Cespedes deal was only a day dream at that current time; and last, but certainly not least, the captain, David Wright, was on the fringes of hanging up his cleats due to spinal stenosis. That’s not to say that the Mets didn’t see the full-on lineup that Chicago has now presented to us as well. Some guy named Kyle Schwarber has also made an impact that has surely filled out the Cubbies lineup.

Let us now take a look at each position to compare which team has the advantage as we look ahead to what shall be a glorifying series to come.

He is a former WFAN Production intern. Corey also graduated at Montclair State as well as a Certificate at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He looks to create a big splash with Elite Sports NY team!