Catcher: Travis d’Arnaud vs Miguel Montero

d’Arnaud was hyped up to be essentially the next Buster Posey. Well guess what, he’s living up to being a pretty darn good catcher in the majors. If it wasn’t for the unfortunate hit-by-pitch from Marlins RP A.J. Ramos that led to TDA fracturing his right wrist, along with another DL stint to come shortly after, we’re talking about Travis debuting in what would have been his first All-Star game.

Miguel Montero has had a fairly nice career behind the plate – nine of those years coming with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was able to hold his own this season by having Joe Maddon re-position Kyle Schwarber into the OF in order to get both bats into his lineup. So far this post-season it has been quite awful for Montero.

Winner: Travis d’Arnaud

2-2-1 tied