3B: David Wright vs Kris Bryant

Don’t worry, we will break the draw here in the 3B comparison. Kris Bryant was 12 years old when David Wright made his MLB debut and now the two will be going at it to get to this years ultimate prize. Both are essentially the faces of their organization, so much so I’d have to imagine the Cubs naming Kris Bryant at some point-and-time their teams’ captain. So it’s Captain vs. Soon-to-be-Captain.

Met fans are relieved to see David Wright come back from what was thought to be a career-ending spinal stenosis injury. The good news is that Wright was able to comeback; however he’s clearly lost a step. The Mets front office may even want to re-consider restructuring his $138 million dollar contract that goes up until 2021. Nevertheless, the Mets needed him to get to where they are at this point and I can’t see him doing any worse than how he had performed in the Divisional series.

Kris Bryant was this years No. 1 ranked prospect heading into this season. He is the man who truly changed what has been an abysmal Cubs team over the years. He’s been nothing short of special despite to a slow start to this years postseason. Two of his 26 HRs have come against the Mets this season and therefore I believe his batting woes will surely change for the better.

Winner: Kris Bryant

2-1-1 Cubs

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