New York Hockey Top Goalie

Steven Cifuentes- Cory Schneider- New Jersey Devils

As a lifelong Rangers fan the easy prediction is to take Henrik Lundqvist and run, but last season Cory Schneider quietly proved he should take a back seat to nobody.  Last season Schneider beat out King Henrik in save pct. and had the same exact goals against average.  Taking into account the defense in front of him Schneider was the best goalie in New York last season.  He will build on it this year and beat out Hank for the top goalie in the New York area for the 2015-2016 season.

Ernie Defalco- Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

There can be only one.  And it will the the King. Lundqvist will hold onto his throne as the best goaltender in New York.  He has consistently proven his ability and there is no reason why he will not continue to do so.  Hank is surrounded by the Six Knights of the Ice Table known as the Rangers top defense.  A set of knights that do whatever they need to protect Hank in his throne.

Patrick Comia- Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

See my statement about MVP, and you will find how I feel about Lundqvist. He will be the top goalie for the next few years. Despite Corey Schneider having a “lights out” season in net last year, Lundqvist has been doing it longer. We shall see if the Devils goalie can replicate what he did last year. Aside from those two, there’s no other goalie that compares and plays in the New York area.