LHP, Jonathon Niese (9-10, 4.16 ERA)
LHP, Sean Gilmartin (3-1, 2.58 ERA)

RHP, Bartolo Colon (14-12, 4.15 ERA)
RHP, Eric Goeddel (1-1, 2.56 ERA)
RHP, Hansel Robles (4-3, 3.42 ERA)
RHP, Addison Reed (1-0, 0.00 ERA) *with Mets
RHP, Tyler Clippard (3-1, 2.97 ERA) *with Mets
RHP, Jeurys Familia (2-2, 42 Saves)

The sad part here is, if the Mets are going to advance it is more than likely because the starting four are pitching deep into games. If the starters are pitching deep into games, then all these relievers are not necessary.

But, Collins will prepare for the worst and go with eight relievers. The most glaring names on the reliever list are veteran starters Jonathon Niese and Bartolo Colon. Niese has had an up and down season. Let’s make no mistake about it, Niese is still a quality MLB pitcher. Although he will not be starting, he will play an extremely important role during the playoff run. His primary responsibility will be to get left-handed batters out. That is an area in which Mets pitchers have struggled all season. Niese will solve those issues. He will also allow Collins the flexibility to leave him out there. In other words, Niese does not have to be a “get one lefty hitter out” type of reliever. He can give Collins a full inning or more.

Colon, who is tied for the Mets lead in wins, will take his rubber arm into the bullpen.  He will be ready for whatever role Collins needs.  Whether it is to come in and get a big out, or take over if a starter is pulled early. Much like Sid Fernandez during the 1986 playoff run, Colon will at some point have a big moment.

The other relievers on the list are made up of guys Collins has trusted most throughout the season and late season acquisitions. Tyler Clippard, who has struggled of late, and Familia will continue to get eight and ninth inning duties.  Robles, Goedddel and Gilmartin will see time if the Mets are behind or tied in the middle innings.  That leaves Addison Reed. Addison Reed has been a great acquisition for the Mets, and expect Collins to use him in the seventh inning to help protect leads.

Notable Omissions: Carlos Torres, Bobby Parnell, and Eric O’Flaherty

Poor Carlos Torres, he has been a staple in the Mets pen for 100 years. Well, maybe not that long, but pretty long. He has done everything the Mets have asked of him during his tenure with the Mets. Now they will ask him to watch the playoffs from the luxury boxes. With Colon in the pen as a long man, and with the addition of Addison Reed, Torres will be forced to watch from the sidelines. Bobby Parnell just has not been able to regain his form. He has become a liability on the hill. Collins cannot trust Parnell to come in and get a big out.

Finally, there is Eric O’Flaherty. He was brought in to solve the Mets left-handed reliever woes. But he has been everything but. He found a way to get worse since he left Oakland. The Mets should really just send the guy home, as far away as possible.

There you have it Met fans.  What do you think?


  1. Oh man Ernie….they’re gonna keep 14 hitters, 11 pitchers. Lagares or Young will be on the roster. Both guys if Uribe is out.

    With only 4 starters, the postseason rosters are 14-11 as opposed to 13-12 a lot.