New York Mets

The New York Mets have made the playoffs for the first time since 2006. Let us take a look at how the post season roster could shape up.

By Ernie DeFalco

The task of picking a postseason roster is never easy. The manager and front office makes their decisions on a variety of factors.

Age of a player, postseason experience, season performance, and recent performance is always considered. Even left-handed and right-handed splits are also often dictated by the match-up.

Feelings will be hurt.

Some of those hurt feelings will never be reconciled. But one thing is for certain, a series can be won or lost by making the correct roster decisions. So let’s take a look at the how the New York Mets 25-man playoff roster will shape up.


  1. Oh man Ernie….they’re gonna keep 14 hitters, 11 pitchers. Lagares or Young will be on the roster. Both guys if Uribe is out.

    With only 4 starters, the postseason rosters are 14-11 as opposed to 13-12 a lot.