Starting Rotation:

SP, Matt Harvey (13-7, 2.80 ERA)
SP, Jacob deGrom (14-8, 2.60 ERA)
SP, Steven Matz (4-0, 2.27 ERA)
SP, Noah Syndergaard (9-7, 3.34 ERA)

Matt Harvey will be all-in in the playoffs. No pitch counts, not innings limit.

The Dark Knight will finally go to the mound, with no controversies, and he’ll do what he does best. Jacob deGrom, who looked great in his last start, will follow Harvey. A pretty nice 1-2, maybe the best not named Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke. Matz and Syndergaard could very well be the x-factors. They will match up against the other teams 3 & 4 guys. These two have a chance to be the difference makers in a short, or long series. The Mets success could very well rest on these two starters.

The Mets rotation is young and inexperienced. But no better time than now to get these kids playoff exposure. The Mets believe this is the group that could lead the franchise to multiple playoff berths. So the Mets may as well let them get some playoff experience now.


  1. Oh man Ernie….they’re gonna keep 14 hitters, 11 pitchers. Lagares or Young will be on the roster. Both guys if Uribe is out.

    With only 4 starters, the postseason rosters are 14-11 as opposed to 13-12 a lot.