2. New York Islanders

There has never been a time where the moon and stars have aligned so perfectly for the New York Islanders. The team is on a high, they are loaded with young talent, and have a lot of cap space. They are in a new building desperately trying to sell season ticket packages and corporate suites. It is all there for the taking and that is why Stamkos to the Islanders makes so much sense. The Islanders are one of the few teams on this list that could actually make a run at Stamkos in season, without completely reshaping the current roster. So that option, while unlikely, exists.

Imagine Stamkos on John Tavares’s wing? Tavares turned Matt Moulson into a goal scoring threat. Imagine what he could do for Stamkos who does just fine on his own?   The Islanders have the cap room to overwhelm Stamkos with an offer. The question is, will they?

Snow has been content building through the draft. He has also done a nice job of picking off other teams cap casualties, Johnny Boychuk and Nick Leddy as examples. But building through the draft is not enough. It is time for Snow and the new owners to open the check book. Give the Islanders fans a prize for thier dedication, and give Tavares that winger he justly deserves.

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