Hansel Robles

Hansel Robles has been very good at times, and not so good other times. His inconsistency certainly puts him on the playoff bubble.  With the demotion of Logan Verrett, Robles still has a shot to make the roster. But the possibilities of Bartolo Colon and Noah Syndergaard heading to the pen in the post season could make Robles as a roster casualty.

Playoff Roster Chances: Medium

Addison Reed

If Addison Reed, 4.50 ERA and a 1.50 WHIP, can find his old form, he has the chance to pitch some important innings down the stretch. He will battle with Robles, Parnell and Carlos Torres for a chance to make the playoff roster. It is also safe to assume that Reed will get a real look from Collins. A report by Fred Kerber of the New York Post suggests that his mechanics have been fixed and his stuff is nasty again.  If so, Reed’s acquisition could prove to be a big one.

Playoff Roster Chance: Medium

Bobby Parnell

A spot on the playoff roster is really Bobby Parnell’s to lose. If he can regain his form he will settle back into the 7th inning spot possibly sharing it with Syndergaard and Niese (or Matz). If he falters, he could find himself watching the playoffs. The reality is the Mets have played the majority of the last two years without him. His making the roster depends on which pitcher we see, the pre All-star break guy who had a WHIP of 1.10 and a sub 3 ERA or the post All-star break guy who saw opposing hitters batting .400 against him.

Playoff Roster Chance: High

Eric O’Flaherty

The Mets acquired Eric O’Flaherty with the hopes he would become the lefty out guy they have lacked all season. Well, quite frankly, O’Flaherty had O’ So Bad.  So bad, even lefties are hitting over .400 against him. Every time out he seems to pitch into trouble. Lefties, righties, they are all hitting him right now. A month ago he was on the roster, now he is playing himself into DFA land.

Playoff Roster Chance: Slim to none

Carlos Torres

It would not seem fair if Carlos Torres (5-6, 4.13 ERA) was left off the playoff roster.  But this is Major League Baseball and fair takes a back seat to winning. Torres has done everything the Mets have asked of him for the better part of three seasons now. Reliable and dependable. Let’s be honest though, he is a mop-up guy. Mop-up guys are integral during the season but not as much so on a playoff roster. As a long man, Colon seems to be a better option and may wind up taking Torres spot.

Playoff Roster Chance: Medium

Sean Gilmartin

Sean Gilmartin has not pitched himself out of contention that is for sure, and is currently the only left-hander out of the pen that can be trusted. Gilmartin (2.25 ERA, 1.11 WHIP) chances are certainly benefiting from poor pitching of Eric O’Flaherty and the injuries suffered by Erik Goeddel, Josh Edgin, and Jerry Blevins.

Playoff Roster Chance: High

Erik Goeddel

Erik Goeddel was a very effective right handed reliever for the Mets. With a sub 2 ERA, he was keeping opposing batters at bay.  That is until the injury hit.  He was activated on 9/1 and should get used extensively throughout the month as Terry Collins decides which right handed relievers he will take with him into the playoffs.

Playoff Roster Chance: Medium

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