Tom Brady received a message from Sun King Brewing Company based in Indianapolis, and the message was certainly not warm and fuzzy.

By Ernie DeFalco

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has grown accustomed to negative comments.

His detractors have used various methods to send angry barbs his way.

Everything from the use of “colorful” language, negative tweets, airplane banners flying overhead, highway billboards, TV and newspaper outlets, to old-fashion hate mail, Brady has been attacked by all available forums.

Or so we thought.

The Sun King Brewing Company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana is apparently still smarting from that AFC Championship Game, where their hometown Colts lost to Brady’s Patriots last season.

So much so, the brewery had their own unique way of sending the embattled quarterback a message.  Check out the tweet below.

With an expiration date of “Brady Sux”, the message was clear.   But, we are all wondering: was the beer just as “flat” as Brady likes it?

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