While most of the nation is getting sick and tired of this saga known as Deflate-Gate, here are five reasons Tom Brady’s denial is nuts.

By Armando Perez

The NFL has upheld its suspension ruling on Tom Brady. This means the New England Patriots will be without their Hall of Fame quarterback for four painful games due to his uncooperative nature during the Ted Wells Deflate-Gate investigation.

Here are 5 questions that need to be answered: Sorry New England fans, but you simply can’t handle the truth here.

1. Why was the ball-boy called the Deflator?

When it came out that some referenced Jim McNally as the “deflator,” the Patriots said, “It was because he was losing weight.

McNally, himself, texted “I am the deflator.”

If he was talking about himself losing weight, he would say I am the deflateeee (not a real word but you get the point) not the deflator. The deflator takes air out of an object. A deflateee would be someone who loses weight.

I have personally trained and coached college and professional athletes most of my adult life. Never in the history of the world has anyone used this terminology to lose weight.

2. Why did Brady deflect so much?

When asked, “can you answer your fans, Is Tom Brady a cheater?” Brady smiled and said, I don’t believe so.”

Now, if someone asked me, “do you cheat on your girlfriend, or in your profession?” I would answer them with an emphatic no! As a matter of fact I would be offended by the question and say, “don’t ever ask me that again, because I don’t cheat.” Brady just didn’t look believable here.

3. Why does Brady’s suspension mirror Greg Hardy’s?

Every Patriots fan in the country is bringing this up. Hardy brutally beat a woman and got a received a four-game suspension. New England Fans are saying the penalty for Hardy shouldn’t be the same as it is for Brady.

Let me be clear here, what Hardy and Ray Rice did was inexcusable.

I think all professional sports should have a no tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence. If you hit your partner in an act of violence you should be suspended one-year without pay. If you are a repeat offender you should be banned for life. But one has nothing to do with the other.

Fans using this as an example is like a teenager coming home two hours past curfew and when his parents punish him he says, “Why are you punishing me when my brother got an F on his test.”

Two different issues, both deserving of a reprimand. Also, what Hardy and Rice did was off the field, it had nothing to do with the outcome of an NFL game. By having deflated balls the Patriots gained a competitive advantage.

4. Why did Brady break his phone?

If I was trying to clear my name I would hold on to any evidence I had to prove my innocence, he didn’t do that here.

5. Why does the NFL have it out for New England?

This is the dumbest argument ever. The NFL wants their golden boy, Brady on the field. The NFL wants the Patriots in the playoffs because it drives advertisers and ratings. In a recent survey, the Patriots were rated the most hated team in the NFL. (It used to be the Dallas Cowboys) This means that the casual fan will watch when New England is on national TV. The NFL wants New England to do well, just like the NBA wants LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to do well because it makes them more money.

Does this destroy Brady’s legacy, New England “haters” will say yes, New England supporters will say no.

To me Brady will go down as one of the top five greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. There is an old saying, “Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.” Brady should just miss the first four games of the season and move on.

The Patriots started last year with a 2-2 record and won the Super Bowl. Brady will come back with a vengeance and prepare his team for another long post season run

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  1. 1. Why was the ball-boy called the Deflator?
    Why did a text say “take off that jacket and deflate”?
    Why was that text not in the Wells report?
    4. Why did Brady break his phone?
    The investigation was done with it. It wasn’t working and he wanted to get rid of any private information on it.
    5. Why does the NFL have it out for New England?
    Goodell and the league screwed up their investigation. No records of psi levels before the game. Confusion about what gauges used. Balls right where science predicted they would be. And incorrect leaks.
    They wanted to save face and not look like idiots so they made the evidence fit the crime and ignored/excluded everything that conflicted with what they wanted.
    There’s a lot of fishy looking, circumstatial evidence against the Pats. But no proof.
    The league’s investigation was a biased joke.

    • not sure what color the sky is in your world, but you really need to come back to this one. brady destroyed his phone BEFORE he ever spoke with wells. how could they have been done with it when they NEVER saw it? making up stories to cover for real facts that make your boy look bad doesn’t make this not be true of him. and what does “take off that jacket and deflate” prove about some supposed weight loss referral? it means NOTHING. as to your idiotic theory the NFL has it out for the patriots, hardly. brady refused to cooperate fully, though he’d said in a press conference that he would. he claimed, in a press conference, that he had no contact with the 2 staffers outside of daily business at gilette stadium and it’s environs. yet he had tons of text messages he exchanged with them, numerous phone calls to each and emails exchanged, none of which are face to face conversations. also, if the patriots didn’t do anything wrong, why did robert kraft suspend the 2 staffers BEFORE the wells report was even complete and turned over to the league office? again, i say, why did kraft suspend them BEFORE the report was done? if they’ve done nothing wrong, suspending them IS wrong. brady failed to cooperate. he had numerous communications, NONE of which were obtained FROM HIS PHONE, between him and his co-conspirators, talking about altering the footballs. mcnally took footballs out of the officials’ locker room AFTER they had been inspected and returned them only minutes before they were to be brought out for the game. the theory that there was no alteration in the pressures of the footballs, in the end, doesn’t even matter. in the NFL, the effort to cheat is a violation, whether they succeed or fail. so, even if they failed(and the pressures shown after the first half of play don’t look like they failed), the attempt is all that matters. and there’s ample evidence, straight from the 2 staffers’ phones and emails, to prove, within the framework of an employer/employee investigation, that an effort was being made to cheat. that is all the NFL needs to have. they don’t have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. they don’t even have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. the just have to prove, by reasonable evidence, and they did that. nothing brady said or did at any time controverted that evidence. and no matter what lame excuses robert kraft makes up on the spot, the conversations didn’t have anything to do with weight loss. if they did, the 2 staffers wouldn’t have been given walking papers so fast. and btw, the “science” you say proves the patriots claims was put forth by a chemist. the science the league used was put forth by physicists. taking the word of a chemist over the word of a physicist is like taking an aeronautical engineer’s word over the word of an auto mechanic about what’s wrong with your car. while he’s still an engineer, he isn’t anywhere near as well versed in the mechanics of a car as the guy who works on cars for a living. the laws of physics are the laws of mechanics of the universe. chemistry is about blending and combining molecules. air pressures are mechanics, not mixing and blending. regardless, as i said, it doesn’t matter if they succeeded or failed. it only matters that they tried. the league’s rules say they shouldn’t try. they tried. they got caught. they get punished. the team gets hammered. the player gets hammered. live with it.

      • Paul, get a life. Your reply is longer than the article. You feel the need to defend to the n-th degree which usually happens when someone is trying not to only convince other people but reinforce his own beliefs. The phone, as guilty as it looks to some is not proof. If you look at the e-mails back and forth to the league about the NFL not correcting the initial PSI report from ESPN, you realize how the league could use mis-information to their advantage. I would not provide them anything personal like that. Also, those that say that if Brady had proof on his phone he was innocent he would not have destroyed it are crazy. It is imposible to prove you did nothing wrong by providing your phone if there is nothing on your phone. All people like you would say is he destroyed or hid evidence some how. No matter how ridiculous that would sound.

        • sorry to break your heart, but i have a life. and i know that innocent people don’t destroy things that don’t have evidence against them BEFORE anyone even asks to see those things. i bet you think aaron hernandez destroyed his cell phone because it no longer worked and he needed a new one, too. brady destroyed his phone before wells even asked to see it. that’s hardly getting rid of something after they are done with it. and it’s funny how you say it didn’t work, so he destroyed it, yet he never told anyone with the league that it no longer worked. and he didn’t tell the league until 3 months later, that he’d destroyed it. never mind that non-functioning cell phones can be repaired quite easily and inexpensively. the fact you find my other post too long, indicating, in your little mind, that i’m trying to convince myself of something, is, again, in your little mind. i stated all the reasons there are to believe he’s guilty. your reasoning to believe he’s innocent? he says he didn’t do it. a paid opinion says the league’s science is bad? i suppose you think a nobel laureate is above taking money for his opinion. regardless, the league doesn’t need to prove beyond any doubt that there was an effort to alter game balls. they proved it was the most likely explanation for the text messages, plethora of phone conversations, emails, etc, and mcnally’s actions on game day. and that’s all they had to do. for that, brady got 2 games. he got 2 games for lying about cooperating, then refusing to cooperate. spin it any way you like, he did what he’s accused of and he’s a more pathetic figure for his continued weak denials.

          • Paul, Another Book? Thanks for making my point and re-hashing what you already said that I didn’t agree with. Also, resorting to someone like Hernández, who has nothing to do with this discussion, as an argument when even most of the local fans agrees is a murderer, does not even support your case. By the way, what report are you using on how his punishment was split. Let me guess, you got it from the same source as all of your other info… your own made up “facts”. Oh, and by the way, I never said, as you claim, that he destroyed it because it was broken (read someone’s post carefully before responding). Like the 11 of 12 balls being 2psi under allowable, it is an outright lie and furthers my case that you don’t need the truth in your distorted mind, just hatred. Lastly, like a lot of people, the moment someone has a different opinion, belief, or in this case, realizes just how flimsy the so called evidence is, you need to attack and claim they have no perspective as a fan-boy shows you have no perspective. Sorry this is so long but I though I would sink to your level as that may be the only thing you understand.

          • the fact you continue to claim facts aren’t facts is laughable. it’s pretty clear who the fanboy is. you have this ridiculous desire to see brady vindicated. as to the comparison to hernandez, how is it not logical? one destroys a phone, before police can look at it. the other destroys the phone before the league’s chosen investigators can look at the information on it. oh, and i guess you ignored the well documented statements, including the recorded conversation, where wells only asked to see transcripts of the relevant text messages. and yes, you said brady claimed the phone didn’t work anymore. he got the phone less than 18 months before, so there is no other inference to be made from “the phone wasn’t working anymore”. but you go right ahead and change your story to suit your desire. he is guilty. the 2 staffers are guilty. kraft suspended the 2 staffers because of guilt, not some misplaced effort at throwing a bone to the league. clearly, you can’t accept the truth, because it doesn’t match your theory. you’ve shown nothing that disproves or even remotely counters what was stated in this article. waste another post trying, if you like, but you’ve failed utterly to discredit anyone who sees brady as guilty, based on what the wells report put forth. even if you take away the report’s stand on the actual air in the footballs.

          • Sorry, not wasting my time on you anymore. You again state I said something that if you re-read my post, I never said (the phone not working anymore). Not sure what else can be said. Bring on the inquisition!

  2. So your evidence that Brady was involved in the deflation of footballs is that the Patriots ball boy didn’t know enough English grammar to describe himself as the “deflateee”. So my evidence for believing that you, posing as a journalist, are a moron is that you do not know that the word “deflateee” with 2, 3 or 4 “e”s does not exist.