5. They’ve Seen It All

The one thing that the New York Rangers have in their armory is experience. In the past two years they’ve seen it all: heartbreaks, comebacks, unexpected upsets. You name it, they’ve been there in the thick of it.

The Rangers are a team that have proved they are Stanley Cup contenders and they have shown that they have the hunger to win, and even if they are two minutes away from elimination, you can never count them out. Just take a look at the series last year against the Pittsburgh Penguins, or the series this year against the Washington Capitals. Both of these times the Rangers were down and out, and fans were already planning ahead for next season. But they did the unexpected, and showed that it isn’t over until it’s over.

Having this experience is one thing, but being able to use it effectively is another. The Rangers have been to the Stanley Cup Finals and the Eastern Conference Finals in the past two years, and their lineup hasn’t changed much since last season which means there is absolutely nothing stopping them from making another push for the cup this season as well.

Although the Rangers have lost some big names in Martin St. Louis, Carl Hagelin and Cam Talbot, they still have a great lineup, and now have the chance to test out some of the younger players which gives them a chance to push for a spot on the team.

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