New York Jets

With NFL Training Camps just a few days away from opening, New York Jets positional battles will head up in quite a hurry.

By Robby Sabo

On Wednesday, July 29th, the New York Jets will open training camp for the 2015 NFL season. This means positional battles.

Leave it up to the NFL to make sure grown men fight each other on a field for their livelihoods. Oftentimes it comes down to two men for the right to earn a game check every week, eventually totaling a couple hundred thousand dollars annually.1jets2

It’s serious business.

Of course talks of superstars and fantasy football sleepers take the major chunk of our time in the mainstream. It’s only natural. The real narrative within each team’s circle, however, comes down to the 53rd man on each squad.

So many personalities and talent angles, so few NFL spots.

The New York Jets aren’t any different in this regard. Here are the Jets top five positional battles heading into training camp.

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