New York Yankees

With the arrival of the Mets in 2015, the city was put into a state of mass hysteria early in 2015. Why the New York Yankees need not worry.

By Michael Iuzzini

The distinguished attribute about being a New York fan is that there’s always one team we love and die for, and another team who we love to hate.

If you’re like me, your blood begins to boil when you hear a fellow New Yorker say they “root for all NY teams.”  That is simply gross.  Calling yourself a fan from the greatest sports city in the world, we are blessed to have at least two teams in every major sport to choose from.

New York is a Baseball city.  Granted, the Rangers had two runs at the cup the past two seasons, but unfortunately hockey always falls as the fourth sport, which is very disappointing for us hockey fans.

Nevertheless, the Knicks have been non-existent, the Jets and Giants are still in Jersey and the Islanders are heading into year-one of joining the five-boroughs.

As the New York Yankees begin their life without the immortal Derek Jeter, the Bronx Bombers are searching for their identity, while also waiting to see who will stand up and be the club’s next leader.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Yankees are in a weird limbo.

There is no face to the team, no one player that represents the Yankees.  It has been over 20-years where the team has found themselves in such a position.  Even the past few seasons being as unsuccessful as they were, fans still had Jeter to watch and cheer as he climbed all-time Yankee leader boards along with MLB leader lists.

Across town the New York Mets have an opportunity to seize the moment and maybe take Gotham by storm.  The Mets are hoping for a 1986 atmosphere where they had the entire city behind them.

The Mets are currently .5 game back of the Washington Nationals in the NL East.  They finally have their best chance in getting back to the playoffs and regaining some respect.

The Yanks are tied at the top with Tampa Bay and are just a game over .500.  So, the big question is, can this be the year the Mets finally become NYC’S team?

The answer is a resounding, big fat no.

The Mets have definitely turned a corner in their franchise and have a talented team that is interesting to watch, even for non-Mets fans.


The reality is the Yankees overwhelming success the past 20-plus seasons is, and will carry over for years to come.  The last two-seasons we enjoyed the Mariano Rivera and Jeter farewell tours.  The Yankees failed to make the playoffs, but the coverage and endless gifts and serenading of fans on the road, All-Star games and at The Stadium swallowed up anything that the Mets had going on.

This year Bernie already had his plaque and number retired, with Jorge Posada, Willie Randolph and Andy Pettitte to follow.  Randolph is the only player of the group to not have his number retired.

The Yankees historic past is coming back full circle as the team celebrates the heroes we all watched bring five more World Series championships home.

This season the Mets are playing good ball, and yes they currently have the better record. But, with an apology to all Mets fans out there, the Yankees of legends past still own the city.

Mets fans will argue and say how sad it is that Yankee fans are living in the past.  Truth be told, even with the mediocre team that the Yanks may have right now, those players know that they are New York Yankees and play for the chance to have their face plastered in monument park.

Until the Mets finally prove their true worth in a real breakthrough, the Yankees will reign supreme.

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