2. Think Nashty

Rick Nash defenders seem to not get it.

It’s not that Rangers fans don’t like Nash. It’s not even the fact that they don’t realize Nash does so many things other than putting the puck in the net that supports his team. It comes down to the fact that he makes a hefty $7.8 million salary.

Putting together an NHL roster is like fitting puzzle pieces together. If NHL fans look around and see that Nash is only scoring a few goals during the course of 19 playoff games, then they’re gonna raise a brow.

If Nash is not finding himself in the spotlight like other superstars around the league – i.e. Jonathan Toews, Steven Stamkos, etc. – then questions will be asked.

Now, at 30 years old and three-years left on his current deal, Sather has a decision to make with Nash.

Could he actually field calls for the guy and go in another direction? Or, does he stay the course?