3. Trading Cam

Yeah, we all agree. Cam Talbot is a starting goalie in the NHL.

And yes, it’s true. The Rangers would be in a more beneficial situation if they actually traded Lundqvist’s $8.5 million salary and went with Talbot’s $1.45.

However, Talbot is entering the final year of his deal and would garner more money after 2016. Lundqvist will be 34 years old next year, while Tallbot will still only be 28.

For all the positives Talbot brings to the table – including his stick-handling which gets the transition game moving faster and more free – Lundqvist will be the Rangers goalie and face of the franchise until the day he retires, or slows down.

Trading Cam for something will be much needed bonus. The tricky part about it is finding young talent that won’t hurt the cap.