New York Rangers, Mats Zuccarello
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Rick Nash is not the only reason why the New York Rangers are doing poorly in the Second Round of the Playoffs. But boy does it seem like it.

By Jessica Joy Curtin

New York Rangers offense is continuing to struggle and it is undeniably putting heavy pressure and frustration on all of the forwards, especially Rick Nash.

The 30-year-old has had one of his best seasons with a career-high 42 goals. But once again, Nash has fallen off the goals train when he really needed to stay on come postseason. And because of that, a lot of people have long revoked those “for61ven” comments they made earlier in the year.

At this point, Sidney Crosby may even have more respect from Rangers fans than Nash does.1rangers2

Nash had one goal and several important assists in the first and second Rounds, including one to Derick Brassard‘s goal in the last contest. But when you’re known for scoring a lot of goals in the regular season, a bunch of assists and great defensive play in the postseason simply aren’t going to impress many fans.

Consistency is imperative. It builds trust and it brings success. Nash has not been consistent in his goal scoring, his main thing, and thus has lost a lot of trust from fans and has lost potential success in Round Two. If Nash had scored a few times in this series, the Rangers would undoubtedly be in a better position right now. But unfortunately that is not the case, as they’re on the wire with this 3-1 series deficit against the Washington Capitals.

This isn’t to say that Nash is the sole reason for the Rangers’ woes. There are other players on the ice besides him who should also be scoring goals, especially Martin St. Louis who now has zero. Instead, this is more about why Nash, specifically, is getting all of this hate more than any other Ranger.

Nash has put on a fantastic performance outside of goal scoring, in terms of putting up assists and his defensive play. But he has essentially let down the fans and his team as far as consistency goes, and that’s why Nash has been banned from the good graces of many New York fans.

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