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Virtually no Mets fans (outside of Frank Fleming) thought we’d already be focused on the 2024 season with less than a month left in the regular season. But here we are, trying to find ways to get psyched about going to the ballpark. However, there are likely more than a few people looking forward to watching Bartolo Colon officially retire as a Met.

That’s set to take place on September 17th at Citi Field. We’ve known the date of Big Sexy’s celebration for a while. But are you going to be there in person for it? If you weren’t planning on it, this video advertising the event shared by the Mets on X earlier this week might make you reconsider.

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As part of the celebration, the first 15,000 fans that come through the gates will also get this Big Sexy t-shirt to remember their experience by:

But honestly? I’d take one bottle of Big Sexy cologne over a t-shirt any day. (Well, I’d technically take both, but if I was forced to take one, it’d be the actual cologne).

I’m going to state the obvious here. The person who created this video needs a huge raise. When I think of art, I won’t be thinking about Vincent van Gogh anymore. Now I’m going to think of this Bartolo Colon video. It gets better and better as it gets toward the end, too. I got a chuckle at the beginning, but then it turned into full-on laughter by the end.

Bravo. Just, bravo. It’s hard on an organization’s social media and creative teams to put together solid content when the on-field roster disappoints as much as the Mets have in 2023. But this is a perfect example of how you execute something that’ll make fans smile/laugh amid a tough season.

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