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Aaron Boone no longer appears to be a goner.

The Yankees manager still has the confidence of general manager Brian Cashman, according to SNY. Which almost assuredly means he will be retained by the Bombers after this disastrous season ends, the logic goes. Because the only way Boone would be fired is if owner Hal Steinbrenner overrules Cashman. And Mr. No Tough Decisions is about as likely to do that as he was to avoid the siren song of getting paid to put advertisements on the pinstripes.

But this is not a case of the embattled Cashman wanting to keep a lightning rod around. No, the Yankees are all-in on Boone, according to the report.

From SNY:

“Boone is an asset, not part of the problem,” said one high-ranking Yankees official.

The Yankees are a deeply collaborative organization, from ownership to Cashman to scouting to analytics to the manager and coaching staff. Boone remains a vital part of the work that this group does together on a daily basis.

Therefore, firing Boone and replacing him with, say, Don Mattingly would call into question the Yankees’ program. You don’t just plug a different person into that key job unless you’re rethinking the entire organization.

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And why would the Yankees want to do that? Get a grip, folks. They went to the ALCS last year! And they would have won a World Series in 2017 if not for the evil cheating Astros! These things happen. You just have to run it back once again and have confidence it will finally all work out.

There will undoubtedly be many more Boone reports to come over the next month or so. And they will likely be all over the place. But we have to say, this scenario feels painfully realistic.

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