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Yankees general manager Brian Cashman met with the media on Wednesday and finally said it: The 2023 season has been a “disaster.”

“It’s been a disaster this season,” the veteran GM told reporters before Wednesday’s 9-1 win over the Nationals, which snapped the Yankees’ first nine-game losing streak in over 40 years. “Yes, definitely a shock. We’re embarrassed by it.”

After the usual comments about “fighting” players who “care,” the veteran GM offered a grim offseason outlook.

“I expect everyone to be evaluated,” he continued. “Including myself.”

Let’s focus on those last two words: “including myself.”

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But note who Cashman didn’t reference: Aaron Boone. As in the beleaguered Yankees skipper he hired despite his lack of experience. The same manager just 12 wins shy of 500 for his career compared to just 346 losses. The same manager Cashman hoped would stick around for a decade or more, just like his predecessors.

What I — and this is a big if — this was Cashman’s own version of self-flagellation to save his own skin? He has to know deep down his job is safe and’s Bob Klapisch seems to agree. Owner Hal Steinbrenner has two choices: fire the GM who has three years left on his contract, or the manager with one on his?

Let’s be realistic. For all of Cashman’s mistakes, he isn’t going anywhere. All of his decisions since 2018 have made sense at the time. Most just haven’t worked out as planned. Furthermore, Steinbrenner won’t fire him over one losing season in 26 years on the job.

Boone’s fate, on the other hand, isn’t so clear, even with Hal’s vote of confidence back in May. Too much has gone south since then for it to still ring true. And even if Boone does return in 2024, he’ll be a lame duck who’s essentially managing for his job.

Boone’s saving grace might be that despite everything, he still seems to have the clubhouse. The players don’t seem tuned out despite poor on-field performance.

But as to the front office, a recent meeting might prove a grim omen. Steinbrenner, Cashman, and Boone are all “frustrated” and in most cases, that means the manager is the first to go.

And considering the GM’s non-defense of Boone on Wednesday night, maybe we should prepare for a new voice in the dugout next season.

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