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As we sit here on Trade Deadline Day, Mets fans have the misfortune of continuing to watch the most expensive team in baseball history get dismantled. How much it gets dismantled is anyone’s guess at this point. If you’re hoping to distract yourself by participating in the Mets Foundation’s Engraved Brick Program, though, just don’t.

Fans who have been waiting to purchase a customed engraved brick to be placed outside Citi Field finally had a chance to do it on Tuesday. Or, so we thought. The opportunity opened up on Tuesday at 10 a.m. EDT. Just two hours later, it was put on hold because of technical difficulties:

Woof, man. Mets fans have been through enough this season. Now the ones who still actually want to purchase a brick to be put outside Citi Field can’t even do it? Let’s hope these issues get fixed as quickly as possible.

This perfectly sums up how the 2023 campaign has gone for the Mets on the diamond. It began with a lot of excitement and hope but has only led to disappointment. I’m not sure what better summarizes how things have gone for New York this year — the Brick Program’s failure to launch, or Pete Alonso’s Home Run Derby appearance:

At this rate, what’s going to happen first: will Justin Verlander get traded or will fans be able to buy bricks again? I’m sure it’ll be a race to the finish line. I’m rooting for the Brick Program to get back up first. Oh, and for Verlander to still be with the Mets once the dust settles from the trade deadline.

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