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If I had to pick just one team that’s owned the Mets the most throughout the course of their history, I’d have to say it’s the Braves. Especially if the discussion is focused on the last 30-35 years of play.

After all, they’ve gone to the playoffs 22 times since 1991, with 20 of those occurrences happening because they won the National League East. Oh, and they’ve won two World Series titles, once in 1995 and again in 2021.

The Mets have a 412-500 all-time record against the Braves. If we focus on the squad’s performance since 2000, New York is 184-237. Chipper Jones named one of his kids Shea, the Mets always seem to play like crap in Atlanta, and then there’s the whole 10.5-game lead that was lost from last year.

I could go on, but I’m already pretty depressed after writing all that. Plus, you get the picture. There is really no reason for Braves fans to be obsessed with the Mets and the Mets’ fan base, but it seems like they are. Why else would they be trying to put them down at every opportunity?

We talked earlier this week about how Mets catcher Francisco Alvarez is putting on a powerful display at the plate during his rookie season. Since New York is on the outskirts of the postseason chase and essentially needs a miracle to legitimately get back in, Mets fans are trying to find the silver lining. Alvarez’s performance is one of them.

One particular fan took a screenshot of Alvy’s stats page to share how impressed they are with what he’s doing:

For some reason, this tweet made its way to Braves Twitter. Naturally, someone felt the need to put Mets fans in their place because there was nothing better to do, I suppose:

Naturally, this fan got ratio’d by Mets Twitter. The best one was this quote tweet:

Just a reminder that Alvarez is 21 years old and Sean Murphy is 28. There was no ill intent in the original Mets-related tweet. Despite that, Braves fans just can’t resist trying to make fun of the Mets, right?

What’s astounding to me is that the biggest flex is in the standings. At 61-33, Atlanta has the best record in baseball. Their 9.5-game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies is also MLB’s biggest. And that doesn’t even mention the 16.5-game cushion they’ve built up on New York.

So, why exactly are they trying to poke fun at Francisco Alvarez? I’ll tell you what, if the Mets were in Atlanta’s situation, the last thing I’d be doing is thinking about the Braves at all — unless they were playing one another.

Just enjoy all the domination, guys. Trying to find ways to make fun of the Mets can’t possibly be more fun than that, right? Right?!

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