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By now, it’s pretty much common knowledge that SNY has the best television booth in Major League Baseball. The combination of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling is perfection on a nightly basis for Mets fans.

What makes Keith great is his willingness to make a comment on just about anything (and when he makes hilarious mispronunciations). During the third inning of New York’s series-opening win over the Phillies, Hernandez began talking about the Mets’ recent trip to Colorado. And, in typical Keith fashion, it went off the rails a little bit and he just kept going with it.

Hernandez mentioned it was nice to see Eduardo Escobar with his sons in the clubhouse. Naturally, Gare then mentioned how Keith also had a chance to see some of his family. That’s when the hilarity ensued. Watch it for yourself, thanks to the SNY Twitter account:

Gare’s face when Keith made the “not all my kids” comment is priceless. And, the only time Keith didn’t sound completely exasperated was when they discussed how expensive the entire endeavor was.

It sounds like his typical road trip routine got interrupted a little too much for his liking. I mean, we know how this man loves his fundies. We can safely assume that Keith Hernandez is happy that the get-together is officially in the rearview mirror.

There’s never a dull moment when our guys are in the booth. It’s usually Keith that’s the wild card because he says stuff like this. And also because he doesn’t pull any punches when sharing his opinion. Can you believe there was a point in the winter when we weren’t sure if Hernandez would be back in the booth? Thank goodness that’s a distant memory now.

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