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Folks, there’s no way around it. The Mets are not a good baseball team right now. And in the midst of New York getting swept out of Detroit by the Tigers, Jeff McNeil gave us a hot mic moment that every fan can relate to.

Remember when everyone was feeling good after a 7-3 West Coast road trip? Yea, I hardly remember it now, too. That was followed by nearly getting swept by the Nationals, losing two of three to the Braves, and then this abysmal performance in the Motor City.

Thursday’s loss was the Mets’ ninth in their last 11 games. They head home on Friday for a three-game set with the Rockies, hoping to get back on track. Oh, yea — and to prevent their record from falling below .500.

In the top of the second inning of Thursday’s finale, McNeil was in the box with a 3-2 count. He got punched out on what he thought was ball four, and the 2022 MLB batting champion had a point.

After realizing he struck out, Jeff McNeil momentarily went off on the umpire, saying “Are you sh-ting me?! Are you sh-ting me? That was a f–cking ball!”

Coincidentally enough, this is exactly how virtually all Mets fans feel after watching New York play the last couple of weeks (if not all of them).

After that successful road trip, it looked like they were about to take off, but that didn’t happen. And then starting with the Tigers series, it was another opportunity to take off. That didn’t happen, either. There’s still an opportunity to get healthy in the win-loss column, but that “launch” we’ve been waiting for has been delayed.

Hopefully, the delay is only temporary. But that’s anyone’s guess at this point. For the time being, though, everyone associated with the Mets will just be taking their frustrations in this manner:

If not literally, at least metaphorically.

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