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One of the great things about having Steve Cohen own the Mets is that nothing is truly off the table (outside of a retractable roof, for now). When it comes to acquiring some of baseball’s most sought-after free agents, the Amazins will always be in the conversation. The same can be said about potential trades, but this hypothetical deal involving Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani is just off-the-wall bananas.

We’ve talked plenty about Ohtani’s impending free agency. Even with that, there’s a chance he could switch teams before this summer’s trade deadline (although it seems like a long shot). Trout, on the other hand, hasn’t had his name in the rumor mill at all.

That won’t stop Mets fans from sharing their hypothetical trade offers to land both of them. I mean, New York’s offense could use some added punch. Why not get these two out of baseball purgatory and bring them to Queens?

Just look at this theoretical trade. Facebook is a wild place.

This is ridiculous on multiple levels.

We’ve seen the Mets hesitate on going for the fences in trades because they don’t want to mortgage the future and completely gut their minor-league depth. Even if the Angels were to go this “unprecedented” route, there’s absolutely no way that they’d package these guys IN THE SAME DEAL. This is not the same as the Padres getting both Juan Soto and Josh Bell at the trade deadline.

These are two of baseball’s best players of this most recent generation. Getting both in one deal would never happen.

While this proposed deal has the Mets giving up 11 players, including many top prospects, why would Los Angeles want Carlos Carrasco and Tommy Pham? To take Ohtani’s spot in the rotation and replace Mike Trout in center field? Come on, man.

Also, let’s not forget that Arte Moreno still owns the Angels. And he likely still hates Steve Cohen. I’d be hard-pressed to see either of these two get dealt this season. If Moreno actually considers it, I’m sure the Mets will be on his “DO NOT do business with them” list.

I know nothing is really out of the realm of possibility with Cohen running the Mets these days. But still, this is the kind of unrealistic stuff that makes me shake my head. Like, why are we spending time talking/thinking about this? Let’s focus on stuff that can actually help make the Mets better this year and wait for Shohei Ohtani to hit free agency so we can see what happens.

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