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Home run celebrations are all the rage these days across professional baseball. And no, I’m not talking about bat flips and struts out of the box (although those are cool, too). I’m talking about the props teams are using once a hitter gets back in the dugout. The Low-A St. Lucie Mets have joined in on the fun, but they could use a little help.

Michael Mayer of Metsmerized Online shared a picture of the club’s home run hat on Thursday night. If we’re being honest, it looks like they grabbed this thing out of the dollar bin at Target. Or, they got one of these hats from Party City and had someone put the Mets logo on it.

If this doesn’t speak volumes about the difference between the major leagues and minor leagues in terms of pay, then I don’t know what does.

Like, I don’t expect them to have some elaborate prop to celebrate home runs like the Baltimore Orioles or Los Angeles Angels. But…someone needs to swoop in and help them out.

We know just the person to do it, too. That’d be Dan Abrams, the man behind Athlete Logos and all the cool neon-inspired designs you see on social media every day. He sent a neon-designed home run chain to the Mets, and it’s appeared in the clubhouse:

It sounds like Abrams needs to make unique home run celebration props for each Mets minor league affiliate. Just about anything would be better than that blue hat.

Based on Dan’s work, we know it’d be excellent no matter what. And if we use the picture itself as proof, this is looking like an urgent matter that needs to be handled as soon as possible.

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