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Thanks to Steve Cohen and his willingness to spend on the roster, the Wilpons owning the Mets feels like a distant memory. But that doesn’t mean they still can’t find ways to terrorize the fan base. In this case, it has to do with a beloved SNY broadcaster.

Sure, most of the attention for Mets fans right now is focused on when (and if) New York finalizes a deal with Carlos Correa. But there’s another important unsigned free agent on the open market: Keith Hernandez.

The former first baseman’s deal with SNY ran out at the end of the year. So, he’s been without a new contract for a couple of months. According to Mike Puma of the New York Post, that will continue into January.

Is this shocking? No. I mean come on, folks — this is the Wilpons we’re talking about. They continually make us all wish SNY was included in Cohen’s purchase of the Mets. Should we be overly worried about a deal not getting done? I don’t think so.

It feels like we go through this roller coaster of emotions every couple of years when Keith needs to re-negotiate a new contract. And just when it seems like a deal looks slightly unlikely, something gets done.

Mets fans have been blessed to have one of the best booths in baseball since 2006 with Hernandez, Ron Darling, and Gary Cohen on SNY. It’s a treat whenever they’re all calling a ballgame. Could we be nearing the end of the road for this trio? I mean, sure, it’s possible.

However, I’d be shocked if it happens in the near future. We’re about to enter what’s hopefully the most consistently competitive run of Mets baseball since the 1980s.

Hernandez has said he loves watching Buck Showalter’s version of the Mets. My guess is these three dudes want to stick around a little longer to see if New York can break its World Series drought.

But still, it doesn’t make Keith remaining unsigned into January any less annoying. Like what happened for years before Cohen came along, the Wilpons are the source of our ire in some way. Just sign the man already! While we wait for that to happen, enjoy some of the booth’s best moments from this past season:

This will keep us warm in the middle of the offseason.

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