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This is the type of thing that would have sparked an entire day of calls for WFAN and WEEI … in 2003.


The Yankees hammered out the final details of new southpaw Carlos Rodón’s deal with superagent Scott Boras while Boras was eating at the Fenway Park cafeteria on the Red Sox’s dime, according to The Boston Globe.

From The Globe:

Moments after the media availability to introduce (new Red Sox outfielder/Boras client Masataka) Yoshida, Boras concluded a deal with the Sox’ rivals, negotiating a six-year, $162 million deal with the New York Yankees for lefthander Carlos Rodón. The late-stage negotiations took place as Boras snacked on food from a buffet provided by the Red Sox.

Man, this would have been fun back in the day. Baseball was so much better when the Yankees-Red Sox were in a hot war and acting like major market teams should. Fortunately it seems like the Yankees are getting back on pace. But the Red Sox seem inclined to act like they play in a mid-sized town in some rectangular state. Tear everything down to the studs and maybe luck into 88 wins and a wild card while owner John Henry tries to get an NBA team.

Did the Padres obscenely overpay Xander Bogaerts? Yes. But it’s just money and the guy is the face of your franchise. And you gave Mookie Betts away not that long ago. Figure it out.

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