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We saw this before Thanksgiving and forgot to post in the moment. But it’s too good to let go.

Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo made an appearance with The Ringer’s Kevin Clark on “Slow News Day.” Clark and his wife are expecting (congratulations) and just moved to the area. So Clark asked Dog for some help figuring out which baseball team — Mets or Yankees — he should push his unborn son toward.

You will all be surprised to learn which direction the chairman of the Yankee Crack Committee went:

Mets. Mets. National League. Better ballpark, No. 1, then Yankee Stadium. They’ve only won two championships. The fan is a little younger fan. The Yankee fan is a little older. Yankee Stadium is like going to a museum. The Mets’ stadium is a stadium. You know the owner now is going to spend some money. They’re a little hipper as a franchise. And there is a little friendlier culture. The Yankees can be a little aloofish. I would say Mets, myself. I would say Mets. If you had to make a choice, Mets-Yankees,  I would go Mets. Plus the National League. Older the American League. Well, the other way around, American League older than the National League. But I would go — and listen, that’s not my ideal thing, I would pick the (San Francisco) Giants, but I would make him a Mets fan more than a Yankee fan.

Just amazing. Dog made up a word — “aloofish.” He made an inexplicable factual error, saying the AL is older than the NL. And our favorite part, he twice says the NL is a reason to be a Mets fan. Like there is even any difference at this point in time. Try telling a kid they should go with one team because it let the pitcher bat for 40-something more years. And yet it makes perfect sense when Russo says it. The man is a national treasure for a reason.

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