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What’s it like to have a parent who is a professional athlete? It’s probably pretty fun for a kid to watch them play on television when they’re not able to be there in person. But it seems like Knicks power forward/center Julius Randle has to calm his kid down whenever his squad doesn’t end up winning.

After being victorious in their first two preseason games at home against the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers, Randle and the Knicks hit the road to face the Pacers on October 12th. They lost 109-100, which isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

I mean, it’s not like this is the regular season. New York is still just warming up. Don’t tell that to Randle’s five-year-old son, Kyden, though:

Poor kiddo. You have to admire the competitive fire in this dude, though. The “I don’t care it’s preseason!” is just gold, even through the unfortunate tears. When stuff like this happens and Randle can’t come home after the game, I wonder how he handles it. That must be one tense FaceTime call.

As a parent with kids around this age, I always think about the potential ramifications of how my kids will act when things either don’t go smoothly or don’t have the expected outcome. This certainly doesn’t seem like it’s the first time poor Kyden has had a reaction like this to his dad’s team losing, so this just has to be in the back of Randle’s mind.

New York’s final tuneup before the regular season tips off is on Friday at The Garden. Randle and Co. will be facing off against the Washington Wizards at 4:30p. Whether he’s there in person or not, we can be sure that Kyden will be paying attention and rooting hard for his dad to win.

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