Keith Hernandez New York Mets
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Keith Hernandez is catching a lot of heat from Phillies fans. He’s even catching strays from the Phillies’ radio booth on NBC Sports Philadelphia. So much so the Mets legend is texting the Philly guys about it.

Here’s where the drama started. Hernandez explained on air why he wouldn’t be announcing either Mets series with the Phillies.

He actually gives the current Phillies credit, but his comments sent the City of Brotherly Love into a blind rage. He’s catching shots from Twitter, television, podcasts, and even our friends at Crossing Broad. They hate Keith Hernandez more than Santa Claus in Philly right now, and if you know anything about Philadelphia sports fans, that’s saying a lot.

But here’s the thing — is Keith Hernandez wrong? Not at all. This year is different and Hernandez acknowledges that in his unprompted explanation of why he hates calling Phillies games. Anyone who watches enough Mets games has heard Keith wax poetic about fundamentals.

They work out the schedule long in advance. In recent years and historically, the Phillies usually fall somewhere between bad and mediocre. It’s hard to blame him for wanting to avoid those games.

The funniest thing about this whole ordeal is that most Phillies fans were saying way worse about the team a month ago. People were ready to burn Citizens Bank Park down, but the attitude of the fanbase always changes during a hot streak. And there’s also an element of “we can say that about our team, but you can’t” going on here.

That’s understandable. Phillies fans deserve to enjoy a nice, little hot streak. They have more losses than any MLB franchise and have only made the postseason 14 times in 118 years. The Phillies don’t win many games — so when they do, they have to let everyone know.

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