Craig Carton
Westchester County Journal News

The Mets and Red Sox are collaborating. They want fans to vote their three combined All-Star Game finalists — New York’s Pete Alonso and Starling Marte and Boston’s Rafael Devers — into the Midsummer Classic. They’ve even come up with a catchy hashtag for the alliance: “#MetSox.”

Whether or not this is because each team is a rival of the Yankees, it’s a strange move that isn’t garnering any love from one of WFAN’s top voices.

“This is the most embarrassing, low-rent thing the Wilpon Mets have ever done. This is Steve Cohen allowing his franchise to be bitch-slapped by the Boston Red Sox and to set the tone for the Yankees-Mets Subway Series. This is an embarrassment,” afternoon drive host Craig Carton said Wednesday.

“Steve Cohen is no better than Jeff Wilpon today…this reeks of ‘we are so desperate and jealous of the New York Yankees that we’re going to join forces publicly with the Yankees’ hated rival.’

“The New York Yankees aren’t going to ask anybody else to help them get their players [into the All-Star Game],” Carton added. “Do you want to know why? Because Yankee fans show up for games. Yankee fans vote for their favorite player. They don’t lean on the Red Sox for help because they’re not a clown show.”

If this has anything to do with the Yankees, it’s the marketing equivalent of Mets and Red Sox fans chanting “Yankees suck” during a game not involving the Bombers. While the Mets and Red Sox cannot stop thinking about their hated rival, the Yankees don’t think about their “little brothers” at all.

Neither ballclub has touched the Yankees’ greatness from a historical standpoint. Both have forever looked up to what the men in pinstripes have accomplished. Now, they feel the need to collaborate on a lousy fan vote for a baseball game nobody cares about.

It’s a bizarre gesture. We already know these teams are inferior to the Yankees — do they need to act like it in such a pathetic way though?

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.