NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 25: Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez present Ron Darling with the Arthur and Milton Richman
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The Mets were socking the ball all around Petco Park on Monday night (they rolled the Padres, 11-5, for their third straight win).

Er, stroking.

We’ll let SNY’s Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez explain.

A full transcript:

Hernandez: … Here we are again, the Mets stroking out eight hits.

Cohen: (scoffs)

Hernandez: Yeah, stroke.

Cohen: Did you say stroking out?

Hernandez: Stroking out, yes. A baseball stroke.

Cohen: I think you have to watch your language there, because, you know, we’re getting older. And stroking out is something we don’t want to be doing.

Hernandez: What, are you saying I’m a creepy old man?

Cohen: No, no, no, no, no

Hernandez: (laughs)

Cohen: I think you’re missing the point here.

Hernandez: It’s a baseball stroke.

Cohen: But from a medical standpoint, do you know what stroking out means?

Hernandez: Oh.

Cohen: (laughs) Oh, my.

Hernandez: My mind goes places.

Cohen: You don’t want to say bleeding out, and you don’t want to say stroking out.

Both: (laughs)

I love how Hernandez made the comment, then realized he had made an accidental dick joke. He thought Cohen was calling him on this and acknowledged the dick joke, only to realize Cohen had missed the dick joke. At which point Hernandez looked even worse because he re-emphasized the dick joke that had completely flown over Cohen’s head.

It’s just magic. New York not only has the two best teams in baseball, but the broadcast teams are a joy to listen to as well. And it got better!

Eduardo Escobar hit for the cycle and had six RBI in the win. J.D. Davis drove in two runs as well. Right-hander Cookie Carrasco delivered seven strong innings of two-run ball with strikeouts. This is the best team in the National League. Subway Series here we come.

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