Dom Smith
Andy Marlin | USA TODAY Sports

Dom Smith is in over his head. And now it sounds like he wants to ship out.

The Mets first baseman and designated hitter — who has already dodged a pink slip once this season — just basically told the Mets if they don’t want him, he will gladly go somewhere else.

I just want to play every day,” Smith told Newsday. “To be honest, that’s what I want to do. I like where this team is going. I feel like I can impact this team in a number of ways, and that’s being (in the lineup) every day, in my opinion.

“But as a person, being here since I was 22, now I’m 26, and still in the same position. About to be 27. If there’s a team out there that wants me to play and wants to let me play, I would love to play every day. That’s just how I feel about that.”

Smith says this as if his .194 average, .286 on-base percentage, 10 RBIs, and just 13 hits in 32 games have earned him a concrete role. On a contending, first-place Mets team that already employs Pete Alonso at the same position, no less.

These comments will probably go over about as well as Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez’s ridiculous thumbs-down gesture last season. Smith’s attitude toward his role may fly in a veteran clubhouse. It is definitely unlikely to sit well with Buck Showalter, who has brought an “all business” approach to Queens neither Luis Rojas nor Mickey Callaway could establish.

A trade would be a win-win at this point. The Mets could add another arm to combat their pitching staff’s health issues and Smith could get his wish to be an “everyday player” somewhere else. Or they could try to package him with prospects for the bat they desperately need to add in order to protect Alonso in the lineup.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.