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Syracuse’s Buddy Boeheim is facing a suspension after punching Wyatt Wilkes in the second round of the ACC Tournament.

Syracuse might be in trouble in the quarterfinals against Duke. The Orange’s best player, Buddy Boeheim, is facing a suspension after punching Florida State’s Wyatt Wilkes in the gut.

Basketball is a physical game and this game was no exception. However, the punch is uncalled for and it’s deserving of a suspension. Let’s not crucify Boeheim for one moment in a great career.

It’s OK to say this is a weak move by a good guy. In fact, that’s what Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton is saying.

Buddy Boeheim apologized for the incident in a statement:

“In the heat of today’s game, after some shoving in the lane, I swung my arm while turning to go back up the court. It was wrong to act out in frustration. I apologized to Wyatt Wilkes multiple times in the handshake line. He said not to worry about it, but I know it was wrong. I pride myself in respecting the game and our opponent. I will not react that way again.”

Fair enough. The one-game suspension might end Syracuse’s chances to beat Duke, but at least the younger Boeheim is offering up some type of apology. Buddy’s father, on the other hand, is offering no apology at all.

In his postgame press conference, Jim Boeheim called the punch “inadvertent” but also said that Buddy needed to hit him because “you can’t just let people push you around.”

It’s a garbage take by a guy who thinks he’s bigger than the sport of college basketball itself. There are always going to be egomaniacal head coaches for as long as there is big-time college athletics, but Boeheim is among the worst of the worst offenders.

With his long-time friend Mike Krzyzewski retiring, Boeheim is clearly trying to claim his rightful place as the most insufferable coach in college basketball.

At least Buddy had the sense to give some type of apology.

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