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Iman Shumpert is the first ex-NBA player to make it this far on “Dancing With The Stars”

Remember Iman Shumpert? New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers fans probably do, but he’s making headlines off the court now. Although Shumpert was in the NBA as recently as last season, he’s now one of the finalists on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.”

Shumpert, 31, is becoming a household name among “Dancing With The Stars” fans. It’s hard to tell how much overlap there is between fans of that show and the NBA. If nothing else, Shump is doing a good job of bringing the two groups together.

It’s surprising that former athletes don’t win “Dancing With The Stars” every single time. They have the athleticism that lends itself to competitive dancing. At least, I think they do. I must admit I don’t know the first thing about dancing outside of dancing at a wedding post-cocktail hour.

But good for Shumpert regardless. The 10-year veteran played for five different teams during his career — the Knicks, Cavaliers, Kings, Rockets, and Nets. He was originally drafted by the Knicks in 2011, but had some of his best years in Cleveland. He was an instrumental role player in Cleveland’s 2016 championship.

He went from locking up wings in the NBA to wowing housewives all over America with his ballroom dancing.

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