Steve Cohen mets
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Offers his suite to anyone who can name sources. 

Since buying the New York Mets a little more than a year ago, Steve Cohen hasn’t changed his willingness to be vocal on Twitter.

To some, that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

In a column late Wednesday night, Mike Puma of the NY Post wrote that Cohen’s tweeting could hurt the Mets search for new executives.

Of course, the Mets’ track record of hiring individuals with character flaws is the reason they’re currently searching for top level executives — again. But, according to Puma, Twitter could complicate their search.

Puma quotes a former MLB executive who said, “In one year the value of the team has gone backward significantly.”

In reference to the hires of Jared Porter and subsequent elevation of Zack Scott, the unnamed executive says “it looks like [the Mets] are in disarray.”

In Puma’s piece, the unnamed executive goes on to directly call into question Cohen’s willingness to tweet about organizational issues.

“Cohen is out there tweeting about the organization and about stuff that he shouldn’t be tweeting about like he’s a fan,” the former executive told Puma. “Why would somebody want to sign up for that? I think it’s a huge issue.”

So he tweeted about it

Ironically, Cohen took to Twitter to make his counter-argument.

So who wants to guess the source? Sounds like a tremendous opportunity for a fan to live-tweet sitting with Cohen at a game. Maybe he would live-tweet the game with you?

Update: apparently the source has been identified.

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