SNY Broadcast

Marlins first baseman happily engaging the Mets during Tuesday’s first game. 

It didn’t take long for the Mets and Marlins to start chirping at each other in the first game of Tuesday’s double-header. And it was Miami first baseman Jesús Aguilar who was ready and willing to do the talking.

During the bottom of the second inning, Aguilar took his time to touch the bag at first on an easy groundout. After doing so, apparently someone on the Mets bench, maybe Francisco Lindor, said something to him.

Aguilar responded with a few words… and a thumbs down.

Aguilar batted the next half inning. He took his time getting into the box and Mets starter Taijuan Walker (theoretically pitching in relief of Marcus Stroman because of the postponement of this game in April) barked at Aguilar to get into the box.

We’ll see if this leads to anything more significant than words being exchanged.

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