After another loss, the owner isn’t happy.

A lot has been said about New York Mets owner Steve Cohen’s Twitter habits. At times, he’s an engaging owner. However, he isn’t always in a great mood.

After the Mets lost their fifth straight game on Tuesday night, Cohen clearly wasn’t thrilled. He slept on it, and after a good night’s rest he decided to… blast the team’s offensive approach on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

(Note: we’re going with a screengrab of the tweet immediately because, well, this one might get deleted. A link to the tweet is embedded in the image above.)

Cohen’s tweet immediately started to generate buzz on Twitter for obvious reasons. The billionaire owner of a team that’s underwhelmed — albeit largely because of significant injuries — for the better part of two months went directly at his team’s offense.

He has a point?

Cohen directly points at two specific stats in his shot: slugging and OPS. He isn’t wrong.

The Mets currently rank 12th out of 15 teams in the National League with a team OPS of .693. Cohen’s team is slugging .380, which also ranks 12th in the NL.

Those numbers over the full season aren’t great. But a few of the Mets’ players haven’t been as bad in these categories since the All-Star Game as you might think.

Pete Alonso has an OPS of .877 since the break. And Michael Conforto’s OPS is .786 since the break as well.

The bigger factor in his club’s collapse has been health. Francisco Lindor, who signed a $341 million extension with the Mets earlier this year, has appeared in one (1) game since the break. And the replacement the Mets acquired at the deadline, Javier Baez, has been sidelined with an injury as well.

With all due respect, if you’re rolling with Jonathan Villar and Luis Guillorme, that isn’t the same as Lindor and/or Baez.

Oh, and Jacob deGrom hasn’t appeared in a game since July 7.

It’s still incredibly telling that Cohen is willing to publicly call out his players on Twitter the way he did this morning. As a new owner, that’s a big move — one that he might regret.

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