MetLife Stadium
Syndication: The Record

Fans will be allowed back at MetLife Stadium this year after no fans were permitted to attend 2020 Giants and Jets home games.

MetLife Stadium will look a whole lot different this NFL season in comparison to last (thankfully).

The seating bowl, suites, and clubs present at the stadium will be at full capacity. Attendees will not need to socially distance, wear masks, nor prove that they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19 or have tested negative for COVID-19.

However, under CDC recommendations, those who aren’t fully vaccinated should wear masks or face coverings indoors.

Cash-free transactions and mobile ticketing will also take place to reduce touchpoints. Reverse ATMs will be available — individuals who are carrying cash can load that cash onto their prepaid VISA debit card (if they’re in possession of one).

Fans can bring in food from outside the venue (it must be in a clear plastic bag) and also empty reusable water bottles (plastic or aluminum). These bottles can be filled at the water fountains inside the stadium.

The stadium will employ attendants in each restroom who will monitor, clean, and disinfect the bathrooms. Over 450 hand sanitizer dispensers will additionally be present around the venue for usage.

As far as tailgating is concerned, MetLife Stadium will permit the act and parking lots will open five hours prior to the event’s start time.

We are a tad bit over a month away from the first game of the year at MetLife Stadium. The Giants will face the Jets in either team’s first preseason matchup on Saturday, Aug. 14 (this will technically be a Giants home game).

The first 2021 regular-season game at MetLife Stadium will subsequently take place Sunday, Sept. 12 between the Giants and visiting Broncos at 4:25 p.m. ET.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.