rj barrett knicks
(Sarah Stier/AP Photo)

New York Knicks star RJ Barrett sends the Madison Square Garden crowd into a frenzy after posterizing Bogdan Bogdanovic.

RJ Barrett doesn’t just posterize Bogdan Bogdanovic on this play. He baptizes that man. The New York Knicks needed Barrett to flip the script after he finished the first half shooting 1-for-6 from the floor. This certainly qualifies.

This dunk came just one possession after Barrett drilled a corner three. That’s the shot that he is going to need to hit to open up the rest of his game. Even though he hasn’t had his scoring touch for most of this game, he’s been all over the boards.

The MSG crowd is on a different level in this game. They are up to 15,000 fans and chants have been non-stop since people were walking in the door. RJ Barrett is just one of the reasons why Knicks fans are bouncing off the walls. There is energy back in New York City basketball.

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