Francisco Lindor
Courtesy IG: @lindor12bc

Now that Francisco Lindor will be in New York long-term, it’s time for him to fully invest in the New York City pizza scene.

Francisco Lindor is going to be around NYC for a long time after inking a ten year contract extension with the New York Mets. And since he’ll now be a fixture in the city, he needs to choose his favorite pizza spot. Unfortunately, his first choice is simply not the correct decision.

Now I understand the impulse to go with one of the big name pizza joints. After all, Lindor is still pretty new to the city. And judging by his physique, he hasn’t been running around New York eating as many slices of pizza from as many different places as he can. So when the people want to know what your favorite pizza place is, the natural reaction is to go with one of the most popular options. It’s not his fault, it’s just too soon for him to make this decision.

Luckily, as someone who most certainly does not have the physique of a Major League shortstop, I can make this choice for him.

The correct answer to the question is Sal and Carmine, located at 101st and Broadway. I can not possibly stress enough how much better Sal’s is that every other pizza joint in New York City. When I found out that my apartment was in the delivery radius of Sal’s, I ate four full pepperoni pies in four days. And I had absolutely zero regrets about doing so.

So as a message to Francisco Lindor; make your way uptown to Sal and Carmine. Only then will you be prepared to answer any questions about New York City pizza. Just don’t eat four pies in four days like I did because the Mets still need you to be agile out there.

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