Marcus Stroman
Courtesy Twitter: @STR0

Marcus Stroman is taking his shoe game to another level with his own company.

New York Mets starting pitcher Marcus Stroman announced the launch of his own cleat company, Shugo, via twitter Monday night.

The Long Island native and Duke grad has never been afraid to stand out on the field, including a glove lineup this season that includes mint and green colored gloves. 

Shugo has not announced any plans to sell their cleats yet, although the expectation could be there since Stroman created his own clothing brand, HDMH apparel, based off of his montra “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart”.

The flare the Stro-show brings to the field every fifth day is unmatched by anyone in the league. These unique cleats are another example of the right hander dancing to the beat of his own drum, every Met fan should be looking forward to seeing this heat on his feet every fifth day.