VENICE, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 28: DJ LeMahieu #26 of the New York Yankees awaits the pitch in the second inning during the spring training game against the Atlanta Braves at Cool Today Park on February 28, 2020 in Venice, Florida.
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

The New York Mets have thrown themselves into the ring for DJ LeMahieu, attempting to steal him from the Yankees.

There’s a new team in the running for DJ LeMahieu, and they’ve got the deepest pockets in the league this off-season. According to Jon Heyman, the New York Mets checked in on LeMahieu.

This would be a crushing blow to the New York Yankees. It’s bad enough that they may lose LeMahieu, coming off two MVP caliber seasons. But to lose him to the Mets? Yankee fans will never forgive the front office.

Sure, the Mets aren’t the same old Mets we’re used to seeing. They have a new owner in Steve Cohen, a capable front office, and a ton of money to spend. It’s a new era in Queens, and that’s going to put Yankee fans on edge.

But Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has made it clear that re-signing LeMahieu is his top priority. To be outbid for his services by the Mets will cause an uproar. The Mets have always been the little brother in the New York baseball market. But now, Steve Cohen has disrupted the balance of power. The Mets may become the perennial contenders that the Yankees have always been. Now, the Mets may be able to steal DJ LeMahieu from the fanbase that always looked down on them.

However, it’s not likely that the Mets will actually outbid the Yankees for LeMahieu. They already have Jeff McNeil, a natural second baseman with years of affordable control. LeMahieu would be a nice addition for them, but he doesn’t address a true need the way he does for the Yankees. They will also need to outbid the Toronto Blue Jays, who are entering a contention window and could really benefit from LeMahieu’s veteran presence.

So at the end of the day, LeMahieu probably doesn’t become a New York Met. But the fact that the Mets could realistically steal him from their crosstown rival should put fear in every Yankee fan’s heart.

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