New York state senator Jessica Ramos and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio are working to block the sale of the New York Mets to Steve Cohen.

Hedge-fund billionaire Steve Cohen is about to pass all of MLB’s hurdles to become the owner of the New York Mets. On Friday, he’s expected to pass the owners’ vote, which would normally finalize the sale of the team.

That’s not the case with this sale. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has the right to deny the sale to Steve Cohen based on a clause in the land agreement for Citi Field. The New York Post is reporting that Mayor de Blasio is actively attempting to kill the sale of the team.

Mayor de Blasio is joined by New York State Senator Jessica Ramos. Both Mayor de Blasio and Sen. Ramos have publicly endorsed Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s bid to purchase the team.

Different lawyers have different takes on the sale. The New York Post reports that the Mets had two different law firms tell them that the sale wouldn’t have any issues despite the Citi Field agreement. However, the City’s lawyers believe they have a claim due to Cohen’s business, SAC Financial, pleading guilty to felony charges.

The honest truth is it doesn’t matter if they have a case. The Mets can’t head into the offseason without an owner. If the sale of the team to Cohen is blocked for the foreseeable future, the Wilpons are put into a bind. They’ll likely have to go back to their next highest bidder.

The issue is the next highest bidder is Rodriguez and Lopez who wouldn’t pass an ownership vote. That leaves the Wilpons and the team in no man’s land.

If Mayor de Blasio has his way, it’s likely the Wilpon era in Queens isn’t dead yet.

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