Steve Cohen is expected to pass the owners’ vote and become the new owner of the New York Mets despite opposition for Jerry Reinsdorf.

Andy Martino of SNY is reporting that Steve Cohen has secured the votes needed to become the new owner of the New York Mets. Cohen is expected to pass by the skin of his teeth by a margin of 25-5 with Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf leading a group of owners against the sale.

This isn’t the first time that Reinsdorf has attempted to block Cohen from buying a MLB team. He also played a major role in the Los Angeles Dodgers sale in 2012. Cohen had the highest bid for the team, but was denied the team in part because of Reinsdorf.

Reinsdorf isn’t going to be able to stand in Cohen’s way this time. The last hurdle for Cohen is getting approved by New York City mayor Bill de Blasio. That’s no longer expected to be an issue, as Martino reports that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t be approved if they bought the team.

With no viable second buyer, de Blasio has no reason to block the sale. There are many who believe de Blasio doesn’t have the legal right to block the sale as Cohen has never been convicted of a felony personally.

This all means it’s very difficult to see a world where Cohen isn’t the New York Mets owner in the coming weeks. It’s truly the dawn of a new era in Queens.

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